Beauty Secret Of Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley has made her fans go crazy with her flawless and attractive look. This model turned actress is now 62 but still there is no indication which shows that she is getting old or is aging. She looks as young as she was in her twenties. Many people admire her and are still her fan because of her beauty. She is an open minded person and likes sharing her secrets so that others can also benefit from it. As far as her beauty secret is concerned, she revealed it also so that the women longing for beautiful skin can achieve it and flaunt their beauty.

In an interview she told that it is the anti aging cream suggested by Dr. oz which helped her to control her aging and made her skin to look younger at such age. She also recommended it to all other women who are suffering from aging. The Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream is made from the natural ingredients, hence the cream is safe to use for all skin types and does not cause any side effects. The actress further added that she is also launching her beauty cream but in her anti aging cream there are many other substances that are included to help the people to overcome aging and give the people fair and wrinkle free skin more quickly.

Ingredients of Anti-aging cream used by Christie Brinkley

Proprietary Biosphere – it is the first ingredient that is used by dr. oz in his cream. He said that he was amazed by seeing the results of this ingredient in the prevention of aging. This ingredient penetrates inside the damaged skin and helps it to repair and regenerate collagen. Due to the collagen, around more than half of wrinkles and fine lines get eliminated from the skin that result in much smooth and fairer skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – the inclusion of this ingredient has increased the effectiveness of this cream more that’s why it is considered as the most important ingredient of the cream.  This ingredient is combined with proprietary biosphere so that it gives more fruitful result. This ingredient has the ability to provide the desired moisture to the skin so that the skin regenerates and gets a natural and rejuvenating look. By repairing and regenerating the damaged cells the skin can improve and overcome the problems of irritation, dryness and environmental stress.

Dr. Oz said that use this cream only for two weeks regularly and without a gap on the wrinkled face and this cream will show its effect in just two weeks.  This cream makes your face look 15 to 20 years younger than your current age. But in order to gain the maximum benefit of this anti aging cream choose the cream that is made by only by the finest ingredients.

There are many scams operating in the name of Dr. Oz. so, you need to be careful while making your purchase. Make sure that you purchase from a certified seller so that you get the right cream using which you can get the best results.